Monday, June 14, 2010

i've got alot on my mind.

people tell me i think too much.
but i disagree.

maybe i need to put progress to my dreams.
to translate philosophy into reality.
to stop hoping i'll turn into the person i want to be.
but rather, make it happen.

do you ever think about roles and expectations?
of who a woman is supposed to be.
of who a 24 year old is supposed to be.
of what your relationship status means.

maybe it has nothing to do with those titles.
maybe people just want others to be like them so life's comfortable.

"i like you.. but you're too artsy fartsy."

excuse me??

i like you because you're you.

or maybe you're just a product of society's expectations too.

what happened to individuality?
to people loving themselves?
and expressing themselves freely?

too much judgment.
too much pressure.

i want to be me.
nothing else.
and i want you to be you.

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