Wednesday, November 3, 2010


ten months ago, my life was flipped upside down. and to think of how far i've come in that amount of time blows me away. with that said, i've still struggled to redefine my identity. i've expressed this before. but it's even more relevant as i let more time progress without finding a solid foundation in myself. i don't want cling to others to affirm my self worth. i need people. i need relationships. but that attention cannot dictate my self esteem. that desire to be liked or wanted cannot determine my happiness. this is not an easy lesson. i just hope one morning i'll wake up and it'll click.

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Anonymous said...

I know we haven't been talking but thought I'd leave my two cents anyway. No one has the answer and no one can say what's best. I think your mourning the death of a part of your life and that's hard. Each painful experience is unique I think a new break in our trees. You've dealt with this with in way in which you want to improve your life. Living life your way isn't easy it's fucking hard. I think the hardest paths are the most fulfilling. At the end of the day your gonna doubt yourself and your actions but remember that every single one of us do. You have and always will have a creative and vibrant soul you can't help that. You'll make more mistake you'll make more choices that bring happiness to your self and others. Life is the about to fuck up and then keep going anyway.