Tuesday, December 28, 2010

who knew

that being a homeowner would be so much work?
(even if your home is a quaint 735 square foot condo.)

putting away christmas decorations reminded me of how i need to reorganize the storage area.
perhaps add hanging racks or hooks or something?
and then there's the o so refined unfinished baseboards.
and the broken thermostat that turns the place into an igloo in the winter.
and the bathroom towel rack that's hanging by a thread.
and the unfinished paint that needs touching up.
and the third story exterior windows that probably haven't been washed in years.

i love every second of homeownership.
well.. not so much the fixing..
but definitely the reorganizing and decorating. :]

1 comment:

its a secret said...

i know this guy that might be able to help you with those baseboards and paint and such..he has some good experience in home remodeling..