Thursday, January 27, 2011

la escuela.

i'm gunna get a 4.0.
no ifs, ands or buts about it.
i owe it to myself to be wholeheartedly devoted to my education.
last semester, i was still attempting to regain balance in my life.
but i overemphasized socializing and compromised deadlines.
this semester, i'm going to be a nerd.
mark my words.
i will not feel guilty for doing something i love and am good at.
i am worthy of being smart.
i deserve to excel.


with that said, let me share my initial thoughts on my spring 2011 classes.

sociology of children and youth: most conservative instructor ever. i may have already voiced my opinion opposing the traditional gender roles she fervently supports in modern families. nuclear families aren't the norm anymore lady. i'm sure your boys raised in your perfect little family in your perfect little house in irvine will turn out to be perfect little adults. thanks for sharing from your fountain of bullshit.

american studies: most awesome history teacher i've ever had. she is definitely no ben stein. instead of surveying important dates and people, we're exploring the deviant behavior of four specific cultures in american history, including the salem witch trials and the civil rights movement. she fosters lots of interaction and class participation. awesome. besides, a student asked to be referred to as captain on the first day of class. captain morgan.

theories: this dumb dumb professor requires a reader that can only be purchased directly through the publisher. so he demanded a mandatory meeting on a saturday afternoon, that i of course missed due to work. then on the day he arranged for a second meeting with the publisher, the damn vendor bailed before we got to the classroom at the requested time. what a stupid mess. this is only a foreshadowing of the disarray of his online course. his syllabus doesn't seem so bad though.

exceptional individual: amazinggggg professor of special education. i really have a heart for children with disabilities and this man has more character and integrity and sincerity than anyone i have ever met. his lectures are compelling and personal. he doesn't demand much out of students besides attendance. and i have no reason to skip his class. i am intrigued by his wealth of knowledge and his teaching style. i have a crazy respect and admiration for this man already.

sexuality: super liberal perspective on sexuality. love it. the teach kinda creeps me out but the content is way interesting. it parallels the gender, sex and society course i took last semester. i'm definitely impressed by the instructor's professional knowledge, including his research. i'm excited about this one.

ps. i have ALOT of reading this semester. which i am stoked to stay on top of (see the inner nerd emerging?) i'm also managing to borrow some of my textbooks from cypress college instead of purchasing them. SCORE. o andddd this laptop is really improving my college experience. i feel so on top of everything.

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