Friday, February 11, 2011

road trip thoughts.

1. i will always choose stairs over elevators.
2. i have an abnormally short tongue.
3. i will one day own a vespa. mark my words.
4. i've been a college student for over six years. and no degree to show for it.
5. i believe that convenience will be the death of us all.
6. i hiked for five hours straight this week. and my legs fell like jell-o. but i was able to see downtown la and catalina from the top. uh-mazing.
7. i wished i weekly perused farmers markets.
8. i don't have television at home. well, i have a tv, but no access to channels.
9. i don't want kids.
10. i'm in love with the ghost of a saber tooth tiger. see for yourself.

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