Monday, March 7, 2011

humbled by generosity.

i really have the most amazing support system of friends and family. from mac and cheese gift cards to sweaters, beers, and new tires, i am so overwhelmed. i can't express how appreciative i am of your generosity. i hope i am able to show half the love you do.

thank you. thank you. thank you.

in a spirit of humility, i intend to refrain from consuming. yes. you heard right. this will illuminate the excessiveness of my spending, reduce my environmental impact, protest consumerism, and boost my savings. perhaps i'll lose some weight too. besides my monthly bills (and gas), i am not going to spend a penny.  i'm going to leave my debit and credit cards at home (using a prepaid card for gas and keeping my checkbook for emergencies only). for food, i will allow myself to buy locally from a farmer's market (luckily, i'm starting with a partially stocked fridge and pantry).  if other necessities arise, i will purchase second-hand, trade, or borrow. let's get back to a simpler time, shall we?

i'll check back in a week with my progress. hopefully i'll last a lot longer than that. but i know this won't be easy. by limiting my spending, i want to show people that i don't take their gifts lightly.

i guess i won't be buying these stunna shades after all. ;)

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