Saturday, October 22, 2011

i caved.

i bought an iphone.
and i'm in love.

but consumerism just drives me nuts.
here's the thing: apple has created a need.
and then created the product to fulfill that given need.
and we, as americans, live under the false pretense that this new product gives us freedom.
but really, we are enslaved by capitalist propaganda.

there's no escaping this system.
or is there?
giddy about iphone.
[first photo taken with my iphone moments after leaving the apple store.]


Charles said...

we all cave eventually, don't feel bad! cute pic :)

mel said...

haha i love your dichotomy. I also would like an iphone. don't need it at all, and really, maybe an android phone would even be better. not sure.
i know at the very least, i will save up for it, not put it on a credit card and go into debt for it.
i may be a shopaholic, but at least i have a line.
p.s. first visit here, love it so far. esp, the MJ quote top right :)

Ashley Reynolds said...

This post makes me laugh. I'm the same way. I really don't want to want an iPhone, but OMG do I ever want one. I blame Instagram. Ha!