Monday, October 3, 2011

things that make me happy.

exchanging smiles with strangers at red lights.
re-gifting the contents of my house to larissa and bam.
starting to believe i'm worthy of being skinny.
planning our new year's tahoe trip.
picturing myself with orange hair.
learning more features on my camera.
enjoying the transition into autumn.
paying off debt, one loan at a time.
preparing an awesome halloween costume.
watching an old man unashamedly peruse playboy in the gas line.
spending the morning at the dmv with my best friend.
wearing cute skirts with bows.
corner bakery self portrait.
what's making you happy today?


Alice, Pretty Confused said...

All these things totally made me smile, I love coming up with a Halloween costume, although it is so stressful! I can't believe the old guy in the gas line - so funny! xo

Samantha said...

I love this happy list. It's refreshing to see people write about stuff that makes them happy instead of complaining and such, you know? Cute blog! :)

xo, Samantha