Wednesday, November 23, 2011

tripping out.

if you would have told my high school self that
i would be snowboarding with gregory when i was 25,
i wouldn't believe you.

you see, i obsessively crushed over this boy in high school.
like creepy. like leave anonymous love notes on his car creepy.

he's such a cool friend now.
and such a fun snowboarding buddy.
Mt high

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Charles said...

looks like fun! I loved your 'rant,' I really enjoy hearing other opinions. I know I am stubborn when it comes to love movies and novels but I think what is is that I refuse to subscribe to anything other than the school of perfect fairy tale stories/movies. I don't like when the love is too realistic or too morbid. I like the whole instant and perfect attraction --> dream wedding --> perfect family I suppose. Some of my favorite romances are the cheesiest and most make believe things you could imagine. I guess if I had to pick a more realistic romance that I love it would be 'Never Let Me Go,' did you read/see that one? It's so heartbreaking but beautiful :) Have a lovely thanksgiving!!