Monday, October 8, 2012

let's chit chat.

1. did i ever tell you the shutter broke on my trusty camera? i'm devastated, but thankful for generous friends who let me borrow their equipment. needless to say, i'm dreading coughing up the money for a new dslr. but this means i can upgrade!

2. flights to germany are booked! rachel and i are going to europe next summer! i'm soooo excited! any recommendations or tips are welcome.

3. i'm really trying to eliminate dairy from my diet, but that fake cheese just isn't cutting it. i don't think i have it in me to be vegan. have i just been trying the wrong products? vegans, help!

4. have you read any of miranda july's short stories? amazing. she's brilliant. i probably look like a fool chuckling to myself at the gym when i'm cycling away reading her work, but i don't care.

5. like everyone else in the world, i'm ecstatic for autumn. the seasons aren't so dramatic in southern california, but halloween and thanksgiving festivities are my favorite!

6. it's so weird to not be in school. i don't know what to do with myself. i miss academia. i need more mental and spiritual stimulation. more sociological conversations. more inspiration to change our fucked up world.

7. i'll leave you with a few photos from my weekend limo excursion for diana's birthday. sooooo fun (well, from what i can remember! yikes!).
diana's birthday limo.
baby dinosaur.
huntington beach.


Jo said...

i was vegan for two years. i recently added SOME dairy back into my diet.
have you tried Daiya brand cheese? it's vegan, and actually melts really well. i believe it's actually tapioca based, so no soy! which is a good thing.
maybe you can transition gradually by only eating goat cheese. goat milk is most like human milk, so even lactose intolerant people don't have the same problems with it as they do cow's milk/cheese. plus, since people in this country don't eat goat like they eat cow, they are kept in a more cruelty free manner.


1) That sucks. That's happened to two of my cameras. I haven't had a DSLR for a few months now. :(

2) Awesome! That sounds amazing.

3) I would be a vegan... except that I still eat fish, cheese, and sometimes eggs. But I never drink regular milk (only soy and, more often, almond). I don't know if I could go all the way, at least not without a LOT of discipline and self-control.

4) I will have to check those out!

5) Do you live in LA? I don't remember.

6) You can still learn, but it different ways. BUT I know the feeling.

7) Aww looks like such a good time!!

Jamie Rose said...

I'm so pumped for actual fall weather to get here and stay for a while. The festivities just make everything even better! Fall is so cheerful to me.

Also, I don't know what I'd do with myself if I wasn't in school. I guess I'll find out after I get out of grad school!

Satin and Souffles said...

I've tried going vegan so many times! I've been a veggie for 6 years now & I'm slowly taking my time with the veganism. I no longer drink cow milk haha I have switched to soya, that's my progress so far haha! xx

becca said...

good for you, trying to get the cheese out!
I've got no substitutes for cheese, though. it's just not that possible to replicate with weird foods, right?
but maybe just try to add in other salty foods to mostly just take up all the room you have for cheese cravings, you know?

good luck, girl!

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

that SUCKS that your camera broke, but is totally awesome you are going to germany!!

<3 katherine

Arielle-HumblePieVintage said...

Germany?! How exciting! My parents met there in the military and I'd love to visit.

Salvaged Strawberry said... shutter is broken and I too have been borrowing friends' cameras! AND, I LOVE Miranda July. DO you have the older one, No One Belongs...It's amazing. xo

Amie said...

So sorry about your camera! My trusty DSLR seems to be on its way out so I feel ya :(

Have you tried Daiya cheese? It's fairly new & pretty much the only vegan cheese thats edible. I think it's excellent, but I also haven't had dairy in four years so i'm not sure if it satisfies the cheese cravings for other people, haha. There's also this stuff called Nutritional Yeast, it doesn't taste like cheese but is slightly nutty/cheesy... it's good to sprinkle on pasta/english muffins/stuff