Sunday, November 4, 2012

san diego.

my legs were so sore after a weekend in san diego with my bff.
perhaps from dancing the night away at the bars in gaslamp.
or maybe it was that two hour hike through balboa park.
i'm just gunna blame the boys of frightened rabbit for rocking my world.
gorgeous view of the city lights. err.. freeways.
city lights. marriott, san diego.
classy girls chill their beers in the hotel sink.
coronas. marriott, san diego.
pre-gaslamp shots.
shots. marriott, san diego.
the lead singer of this ridiculous cover band poured jager directly into my mouth from the bottle.
cover band. gaslamp, san diego.
beer chugging contest on the bar.
chugging contest. gaslamp, san diego.
dancing queens.
gaslamp, san diego.gaslamp, san diego.
beautiful walk through balboa park.
balboa park, san diego.
hiking. balboa park, san diego.martinis. plumeria, san diego.
plumeria vegetarian thai restaurant. and martinis.
plumeria, san diego.plumeria, san diego.
frightened rabbit!
frightened rabbit. the irenic, san diego.
scott hutchison. irenic, san diego.the irenic.
the venue: a church. serving pabst out of ice chests in the back.
real girls drink pabst.frightened rabbit.
i'm ready to go back to sd. and for frightened rabbit to tour the states again.



SO jealous! This looks like an amazing trip. I haven't been to San Diego in far too long (like, two months). Did I already know that you live near me? We should totes meet up.

Ms. Grace said...

San Diego looks pretty awesome :D
& it looks like you had a lot of fun ;D

xoxo Grace