Monday, December 3, 2012

sabrina's 30th birthday.

and her first alcoholic drink.
sabrina's first alcoholic beverage. caesar's moon for breakfast.
dancing water. to michael jackson tunes.
water show. bellagio.
frozen hot chocolate. orgasmic. o, and a gorilla.
frozen hot chocolate. serendipity.gorilla baby.
city lights.
las vegas strip.
oh las vegas, nv.
honorary bagley sister for the weekend.
honorary bagley sister for the weekend.
ps. we ran into my brother. who apparently prefers licking his cocktails.
travis drinks girly cocktails.Paris.
las vegas, nv.


Jessica said...

Looks like a birthday that I would have liked to have at 30! And I always dream of having BIG sundays like that! That is a Sunday- right? Nevermind.....-Jessica L

Chloee said...

Evvvvveryone i know is off/been to vegas this year! im so jelous :) Happy Birthday to your friend xx