Wednesday, June 26, 2013

this is the end.

hilarious. and inappropriate. and awesome.
everything i hoped for and more with this cast.

not pictured: the always lovable michael cera


lisa said...

LOVED this movie. I kinda love anything these guys do though. So fun seeing Michael Cera in a whole new way :)

Marlen said...

i cant even IMAGINE how hilarious this will be, hahah. It's the A team!

xo Marlen
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Katrina Sophia said...

I've seen its trailers many times and definitely eager to watch the whole movie! Will do soon for sure x

The Young Bridget Jones

Anonymous said...

I 've been wanting to see this so so badly! Oh, these guys! And what's up with Jonah Hill's earring? Is it just for the show or a permanent fixture? Guess I will just have to see it :)