Monday, August 19, 2013


1. i can really get used to this whole bike commuting thing.
i rode my bike to work last friday and loved it.
minus the sweaty, curly, poofy bangs.

2. i've still got a few activities to cross off my summer to do list.
ahhhh. the season's almost over. it's crunch time.

3. have you guys seen elizabeth's tutorial on cutting her own hair??
amazingggg. total hair envy.

4. i wish i could give you a thoughtful review of blue jasmine.
buttttt.. i fell asleep in the theatre. sorry woody allen.

movie theatre bathroom selfie.


Salvaged Strawberry said...

Your bangs look amazing. I wish I could have bangs. My stylist (again) told me no. I always think I can have them but they just don't work with my hair. :( Second, I can't believe you fell asleep?! That bad, eh? Damn.

Sammyzee said...

cutie pie!