Monday, October 4, 2010

unpacking my loot.

i got four of the cutest skirts known to man.
plus two sweaters, one sweater vest, and a blouse.
andddd all of these little wonders:

eeeee!! did you see the dr. martens? or the awesome indian embroidery pattern? or maybe that gold rose frame caught your eye? what about 12 mini clipboards? or that rusty wheat thins tin? or better yet, those cuteee black shoes?

i also got a library card for corona's public library.
and talked with my favorite salvation army employee.
and made a subway sandwich at home.
and listened to thom yorke all day.
and washed my new clothes so i can wear them already.
and chit chatted with my uh-mazing mother.
and ate dinner with melinda and her babies.
(along with larissa and bam and chandra and veronica.)
and bought potting soil for my little garden.

now for a glass of wine with andy?

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