Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear United States Department of Agriculture,

Thank you for protecting public health, by promoting standards for meat products that ensure the highest quality for enjoyment by the American people. I agree that the recent outbreaks of salmonella and e. coli are merely incidents of undercooked animal products. After all, a government agency like yourself, would never allow sick or diseased pigs and cows to pass through loopholes and get slaughtered alongside healthy animals. I trust that the hormones, steroids, and antibiotics that factory farms are pumping into their products are completely safe for human consumption. I also trust that your inspectors are working to uphold to Humane Slaughter Act, insisting that animals are properly stunned before being cut to bleed out. I might add that your agency is doing a fine job monitoring sanitation standards, fining facilities whose workers spit, pee, or spit tobacco on the floors of slaughterhouses. Thank you for refusing to let live animals be transferred from factory farms to slaughterhouses in freezing conditions with little attention to their need for food, water, or shelter. Thank you for giving egg-laying hens enough room to spread their wings in their cages and milk producing cows green pastures for exercise. Thank you for considering the pollution into waterways from urine and feces runoff, or the excess of greenhouse gases emitted from the cows on factory farms, or the alcoholism and domestic violence prevalent in the lives of slaughterhouse workers. I really appreciate your insistence on enforcing regulatory standards by closing facilities that repeatedly violate standards. I know your field representatives would never overlook blatant problems for financial compensation from corporate officials. After all, top USDA officials are never swayed by special interest groups that grossly benefit from the high sales of animal products. I trust that these issues are of great importance to your officials and are being investigated with great fervor. In fact, disguising rotting flesh as a traditional American meal and breast milk filled with puss as a necessity for strong bones is NOT the best way the American government can protect public health.


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