Thursday, April 14, 2011


i'm passionate about minimizing my impact on the earth.
but i feel like my efforts are never enough.

okkk.. so i stopped eating meat.
and i don't use plastic grocery bags.
and i recycle cans and bottles.
and i buy the majority of my clothes second hand.
and i never use elevators.
and i refuse to visit zoos or aquariums.

but i could be doing so much more.

i could use public transportation or bicycle instead of drive a car.
i could buy exclusively local.
i could start a compost pile.
i could grow my own vegetables.
i could stop using harmful cleaners and chemicals.
i could volunteer.

the list goes on and on.

gahhh. baby steps.
right now, i'm concentrating on buying food locally.
today, i purchased some whole wheat sourdough from a local baker at the farmers market.
instead of buying over-packaged produce at costco, i bought smaller quantities at a local produce stand.

one day at a time, i'm learning how to save the planet.
won't you join me?

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