Wednesday, February 13, 2013

my latest thrifts.

do you remember those little clips from the 90s that you would put on the back of your shirts/dresses to make them fit snugger around the waist? what were they called and where do i find em?? a couple of these shirts are too big, but i just couldn't pass them up.
vintage shirts.
vintage shirts.


The Mossy Cottage said...

I'm not sure what they were called, but you can probably find the supplies to make them at a craft supply store. I think it was just elastic and two fabric clips. You could always check the goodwill for an old pair of suspenders and recycle the clips from those.

Sammyzee said...

u can always give the too big one to your big busted friend over here?! i need a lil more fabric for the lovin. <3

Salvaged Strawberry said...

Are you still hoarding, ahem collecting, to open a vintage shop?

Jessica said...

I can't wait to go thrifting again. February is my no-shopping month! -Jessica L