Friday, March 8, 2013

gulf coast.

white sand beaches with long funny grass.
multicolored bridges with graffiti from the common folk.
and a super cute boy with an awesome beard and a heart of gold.
pensacola beach ball
pensacola beach
pensacola beach
graffiti bridge
graffiti bridgegraffiti bridge
graffiti bridge
fire hydrant
skater boy
we rule
pensacola, florida.


Fleur De Moi said...

Love it there!

Katie Ann said...

I'm pretty sure my husband wore that exact outfit the other day. From the toms to the hat, all the same colors too! Do men have some sort of long-distance-walkie-talkie to converse about what clothes work together? Perhaps.


lisa said...

Looks fun! I've always wanted to go to Florida- please tell me there are flamingos everywhere...

Jessica L said...

Pensacola. I only know of people who have been there, but have never been there myself. I love these photos that allow me a glimpse into your world! -Jessica L