Saturday, May 25, 2013


i scoured every thrift store in southern california for a new dresser.
i didn't find a suitable dresser. but i found a vintage hamper. and some clothes to fill it.
ps. dad says these hampers make for the best hiding spot.
if only i was 35 pounds again..


Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog! Love a good thrifting day out, love those white sun shoes. :) x

Katie Ann said...

THOSE WHITE SHOES. Dresser aside, if only those shoes were found, I'd call it a huge success!


lisa said...

Holy amazing scores. I've been dreaming of a vintage hamper lately- and what a great pile of clothes to fill it with!

Salvaged Strawberry said...

Nice work, mama. I don't think I ever find something when/if I am looking for it. But, I never come home empty handed. :) Wish we could go thrifting together!

Laura said...

You found some amazing finds! I really love hampers like that, they are just so classy and adorable!