Thursday, July 25, 2013

thoughts on a longgg day of traveling.

1. don't pull an all-nighter playing jenga and drinking beer before an international flight.
you never know if you'll miss your flight have to spend all day at LAX because your airline moved your flight to an earlier time without notifying you.

2. when an airline offers wine as a complimentary beverage choice, take it.
and don't deny seconds, either.

3. hands down, my inflatable neck pillow has proven to be the best purchase EVER.

4. when your luggage doesn't make it to its destination, lufthansa provides a goody bag with toiletries and pajamas to get you through the night. so thoughtful.

5. is it normal for your feet and ankles to swell??
perhaps dehydration? or from being vertical for two days straight?


ps. we've arrived safely to berlin. and we're in good spirits despite our crazy day(s).


Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

It is VERY normal for your lower extremities to swell after long flights, you just need to be careful that you don't develop any blood clots. Lufthansa is great, I used to work for them! Enjoy Berlin, I hope you have a wonderful time!



Southern (California) Belle

Kristian said...

Oh dear on the missed fight but it sounds like a nice airline. Enjoy your trip!

Katie said...

To 1: It's always LAX. Always. I somehow end up there for delayed flights/detoured flights. If only they served gelato (do they?), all would be well.

To 3: This needs to be my next purchase.

To 5: My fingers/ankles/toes always swell when I travel. I credit it to elevation change/blood flow, AND the pilots reminding us all that there are additional hassles to flying, aside from just the ticket.

Have fun on your trip!